Laura Keith Designs

Published Projects


Crafts ‘n Things, Oct. 1988, Pgs 36-37, Bath Towel Lounging Robe

Crafts ‘n Things, Dec. 1989, Pg 37, Herbal Foot Bath

Sew News, June 2001, gs 48-50, Make a Splash

Sew News, January 2006, Pgs 60-65, The Plush Life

Sew News, April 2006, Pgs 66-70, A Tisket, A Tasket

Sew News, November 2006, Pgs 60-62, Agitated Art

Threads, July 2007, Pgs 30-37, Take the Plunge

Sew News, March 2008, Pgs 60-64, Tea Party

Sweatshirts with a Twist, Ed. Julie Johnson, House of White Birches, DRG Publishing, Berne, IN, 2008, Pgs 22-25, Felted Vest

Sew News, December 2009/January 2010, Pgs 58-62, Skein Sorter

Sew News, June/July 2010, Pgs 42-47, Swim Style

Sew News, October/November 2011, Pgs 66-68, Pajama Party

Sew News, February/March 2012, Pgs 44-47, Underneath It All

Stitch, Summer 2013, Pgs 35-37, Swimsuit Construction Tips, Pg 73 Ariel Womens Swimsuits